Other Benefits Doing Self-Therapy with Ruqyah-Verses
(Detecting-Healing-Protecting Yourself)
Other Benefits

1) Healing the stress/ tired soul
In the modern age, stress has became a part of human life. A competition in life can cause stress. Stress can occurs in these situations: the heavy work, a problems in families, relationships in the workplace that is not fun, etc. Someone who has higher expectations than its reality can also cause stress. The severe stress can be dangerous for the soul. It can destroy someone and their goals who want to achieve in their life. These Ruqyah-Verses also have another benefits that can heal you from the dangers of stress.

2) Giving immovability
You have eliminated stress in your life and save your soul by reading these Ruqyah-Verses. So it can provides immovability and  tranquility in your life.

3) It provides freedom from various diseases
By reading these Ruqyah-verses regularly, you can also protect your body from some medical diseases, such as: flu, fever, headache, and other dangerous diseases. Your body will be immune from some diseases.

4) Removing the waste in the soul and mind
 “Rubbish” in the soul originated from the bad  things that been seen or heard, and that is no good for soul. And all bad facts or all bad experience can become “waste” in the soul. The soul that is filled by “waste” can be harmful. By reading these Ruqyah-Verses, the “waste” can be issued from the soul, and the soul will back into healthy.

5) Body will be  fresh and ageless
There is not stress in your mind, rubbish come out from your soul, then your life will be calm, you are far from the diseases, then the results is your body will be fresh and ageless.

6) To maintain health and beauty
There is not stress in your mind, rubbish come out from your soul, your life is calm, you are far from the diseases, your body is fresh and ageless, then it will maintain your health and your beauty. The beauty comes from the soul which is always healthy and from the body which is always fresh and ageless.

7) Have Strength of mind and feeling to face every challenges
You are stronger and more confident to face every challenges.

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