Why Does Someone Need To Detect The Body From Interference Of Jinn, Satan and Devils?

There are Satan and Jinn around us. Satan also always follow the human. There is no people who have been never disturbed by the Satan. There are Satan in everywhere, outside the human body or in the human body. Satan can also enter into the human body and "live" in the human body forever. It can cause the multiple effects, such: a worried feeling, the indecisive feeling, imply something which no good, hinder the people to do a good something in the right way, and can cause some diseases to the human.

Jinn also always try to disrupt the people, damage the tranquility of living human beings. Jinn also can do something which is very harmful both physically and psychologically. Jinn also can enter into the human body and cause disruption to the people.

People did not know when the Satan or Jinn enter into their body. Many people did not know that the Satan or the Jinn have lived in the body. As mentioned above, the Satan or Jinn can affect the human and harm the human.

Therefore, someone needs to detect the Satan and the Jinn in the body. By reading these Ruqyah-verses as Islamic Healing, you can detect them in your body. If Jinn or Satan have been founded, they will be removed from your body automatically.

Here are the guidances to conduct self-therapy (detecting-healing-protecting yourself) as Islamic-healing:

1)  Please read "How to use these Ruqyah-Verses; To Detect, Healing, Protect yourself,Your Families, Your House " at the tab below carefully. You may need to read it repeatedly, so you can understand it very well.
2)  You have finished the first step above. And now you can start to read the Ruqyah-Verses from part I to part X (see the All Series of Ruqyah-Verses from Part I to Part X at the tab below). As mentioned in the guidance, you must read each verse three times.
3)  Feel the signs that appear during and after you read all of the Ruqyah-Verses. What are them? There are something that sway in your body, your hands, your eyes, your feet or other parts of your body. They are the jinn, devils and satan  that live in your body, and now they will come out from your body.
4)  You have done self-therapy successfully.

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